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Fiction Archive!!!

This is my complete fiction archive. It is updated once a month, so not everything will be here immediately after posting, but they are categorized chronologically.

Here are my stories, read if you wish, commenting makes my day if you do. Enjoy.

November (2)

The Elusive Cherry Lollipop
Summary: PG, Gen, when House can't find his favorite flavor of lollipop, he tears the hospital inside out(metaphorically, of course) to find one.
Favorite Line: House limped in triumph for his prize. He reached for the jar again, finally reveling in the...ORANGE?!?!

An Assassin's Oath
Summary: PG-13, Gen(possibly implied Cameron/OMC), Dr. Allison Cameron. As everyone knows her, she's a doctor, an immunologist to be more specific. However, there are few who know her as she used to be. Prompted by comments from her unknowing colleagues, she dives into an introspection of her own dark past. This is VERY AU.
Favorite line: As if hearing her thought, Alex turned to face the final sight he would ever see...

December (4)

Cause of Death: Autopsy
Summary: PG-13 to -15, implied H/W pre-slash at the end, The team has had enough of Tritter and all that came with him. It's time for payback and everyone wants a piece of it. There are a whole lot of painful events involved... (the final scene has a medical inconsistency, but I haven't bothered to change it yet because it fits so well)
Favorite Line: “Have a nice swim?”

Dead Men Tell No Tales
Summary: PG-13, H/W slash, sequel to Cause of Death: Autopsy, Two months after Tritter's death, House is called in for questioning. After having to deal with a stupid examiner, he tries to figure out who could've squealed.
Favorite Line: "What am I going to do, manipulate the results to say he died from an overdose of crack? What would that accomplish?”

House's Adventures With the Easy Button
Summary: PG, Gen, There's no case in the Diagnostics department, and the ducklings find something quite interesting...
Favorite Line: "Well, of course she wouldn't proclaim her undying love for me to you, the competition."

The Path of Green Lights
Summary: PG-13, H/W slash, Wilson has a dream that he's slightly fearing the meaning of and avoids House all day. Why?
Favorite Line: The dreams can reveal one's deepest wishes, fears, or desires. You just need to know how to read them.

January (3)

At the Knife's Edge
Summary: PG-13, H/W slash, It's past midnight, and no one knows where Wilson is...
Favorite Line: "You know, despite what your wives might have thought, you have a sick, twisted definition of seduction if that was your intention..."

The Art of Sacrifice
Summary: PG, Gen, House contemplates everything that happened with Tritter involved.
Favorite Line: "Not when the people above you seem to party at 3 AM and those in the room next door seem to be having sex against the wall constantly."

A Motive for Generosity
Summary: (my first) NC-17, H/W slash, Why did Wilson really give House that tie?
Favorite Line: "You weren't planning on leaving a poor cripple to fend for himself, were you?"

February (5)

No title(Katy's Timestamp Requests)
Summaries: 1: PG-13, H/W, takes place the morning after At the Knife's Edge.
2: PG, Gen, takes place two weeks before Cause of Death: Autopsy

Even Gods Aren't Perfect
Summary: PG, Gen, "A human is smart. Humanity is stupid, and I'll prove that to you right now..."
Favorite Line: Uh... A human is smart. Humanity is stupid, and I'll prove that to you right now...

Network Conversations
Summary: PG, Gen, an introduction to all of my original characters: Kara, Cristal, Tristan, Kieth, Rachel, and Kraita.
Favorite Line: "They think I'm your mother?! I'm three years older than you for Christ's sake!"

A Seraphic Trance
Summary: PG, Wilson/Cameron, What was going on in Cameron's mind to make her dream that?
Favorite Line: It took Cameron a moment to suspend reality and realize that these were wings growing out of the man’s back.

(no title) Prey drabbles
Summary: overall, PG, H/W, Ch/C, H/C, H/W/Julie, ten drabbles, from book quote drabble challenge.

March (4)

The Other Side of the Mind
Summary: PG, Gen, A companion piece to The Art of Sacrifice that Hannah requested for her Timestamp. She wanted it from Wilson's Point of View, so here it is. Wilson's tired of his hotel room, and thinks of every reason he has to move out.
Favorite Line: "Tritter had tried to force Wilson against his best friend, and no matter what was happening, that wouldn’t go on. Period."

A White Spring
Summary: PG, House/Wilson friendship, House comes home to a home invasion...of the strangest kind.
Favorite Line: "You don't want to know..."

Summary: R/NC-17, implied House/Wilson, Sequel, of sorts, to 'A White Spring'. Wilson didn't want to know. But still, he wondered...
Favorite Line: "He wanted to go back to sleep, climb back into the warmth of the uncomfortable couch, but his legs were declaring inertia, and not following directions at all."

Summary: PG, Gen, Wilson would always be there for House. He was his friend, his conscience, his hope.
Favorite Line: "The look in his expression wasn’t pity, or some sort of emotional misery, but patience, which was practically the definition of his friend."

April (10)

Cycles: Reminiscence (1/3)
Cycles: Suspicion (2/3)
Summary: PG-13, House/Wilson, A three part series written for we_take_five. Wilson has a secret and House is trying to find out, but is it really worth the risk?
Favorite Line: Wilson was released then, and he moved to swiftly end the life of his captor, halting as a sickening feeling overcame him.

Nightmares and Flashbacks (Original)
Summary: PG-13, In the midst of a nightmare, Kara is reminded of her past, and the exact reason why she has trust issues, as well as the undenied loyalty to those who have gained her trust. It's a little background on Kara's character.
Favorite Line: Their names were Mikali and Sephra, and she would never forget what they had done.

Ding Dong Ditch (Original)
Summary: PG-13, She was always staring into the face of death...
Favorite Line: Well... We were walking through the forest, minding our own business, taking the shortcut home, when we came across this wandering assassin who decided that he just had to kill us!

Shooting Dreams (Original)
Summary: PG, Rachel knew it was a dream. But still, she couldn't help thinking it was the place she belonged.
Favorite Line: Rachel knew deep within her mind that this was a dream.

Tickets and Flowers
Summary:PG-13, H/W, A post-ep fic to Act Your Age. "You only take (wo)men to plays if you're hoping to see them naked." Wait...What?!
Favorite Line: And with that, Wilson stopped abruptly, turned to face House's desk, and strode toward it, grabbing House's shirt collar and pulling him into a deep kiss.

Discovery (Original)
Summary: PG, Aeris was tired of it all. She ran away from all she ever knew, only to find the one place she belonged to begin with.
Favorite Line: Aeris ducked into a side alley without knowing and skidded to a stop, realizing her mistake.

Life Rose (Original)
Summary: Keith is working on a project, but isn't it only a myth? Kara's supporting him, but Cristal is a bit more skeptical.
Favorite Line: Keith was already a talented healer, though he didn't use his direct power often, instead using his knowledge of the body's reactions to create medicines of his own.

Gathering (Original)
Summary: PG-13, Six drabble-ish pieces on how each member of the group was included. Ever wonder how they met? This is the story.
Favorite Line: She transferred into Trinity High as a sophomore, meeting Cristal and managing to piss off TJ on her first day.

Moving On
Summary: House wants Wilson to move back in with him. Wilson goes back to the hotel room that reminds him of all he wants to forget, and thinks House may just have a point.
Favorite Line: It paid off in the end, but the experience wasn’t something he’d gladly relive.
Tags: fic, life
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