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First order of business:

I just finished watching (non-musical version) Les Miserables in Calc today (long story). I want me some Javert/Jean Valjean slash NOW. If anyone has recs, that would be awesome, but I'm probably going to teeter into the Pit later on to find some...


I don't remember what the second was...


Music Theater Drama that I'm sick of, but can't stop venting about. One of the girls missed Dress Rehearsal, and blatantly lied to our director about being there. She's been missing class for weeks, and doesn't even bother learning the choreography or the music. She was fired once, but she managed to get back in favor, so she was back, but now that she actually missed Dress Rehearsal, I think director finalized the banhammer. I hope so. I heard her conversing with her friends about how she missed Dress because 'she was a firefighter and as a firefighter she had to be at the fire drill' that was on the same day. She called Dress a 'Dress rehearsal thingy'.

It makes me wonder: if you really don't care about the program, the show, the cast, and the ensemble enough to show up or respect it, why in the seven hells did you sign up for the bloody class? It isn't an easy A for people who just want to blow it off. Get your damn priorities straight, and stop trying to weasel your way out of responsibility! Bloody hell!


Show in 2 weeks!!!!! I can't wait!!!

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