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May. 15th, 2009

Well, I guess it's all downhill from here.

Now that my final AP test is over with, I'm pretty much done with half of my classes. Really, we're watching movies and playing games while doing actual math once a week in Calc, and then we have a final project in Composition, but it has to do with media influence, I think, so that doesn't really matter.

Really, the next hump I have to get over is Musical Theater and the Seussical show. We're done on that front in the first full weekend in June, and then only class I'll actually have to do anything in is Spanish! SuperSpecialAwesome.

I'm about a thousand dollars away from covering my freshman year without loans. If I get there, it'd be nice, if I don't, $958 is better than $4,458 when it comes to loans.

It's past midnight. Tomorrow Today is Friday. I told myself I'd actually get some sleep tonight, and since GaiaOnline isn't even loading for me, I guess I should call it a night.


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