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Honors Update

I'm IN!

I got a call today, just as I was taking my friend to class this afternoon, and it shows on my cell as 'unknown'.

Background: I'm a relatively new driver on the streets (even though I've been doing it for nearly a year) so getting on a highway while walking to an Honors College Rep on a cell phone isn't the easiest of things to do, especially when cell phones are just about illegal while driving.

Long story short, I explained the situation, and how I got the message late, and she said that she'd put me on the official list, so I'm in. Happiness is me.

Also, I got a haircut. It looks vastly different. Seriously.


The Facts

Who am I?

I am Kara, compulsive writer with chronic writer's block, musician who suffers from constant dealing with amateurs, student who has to deal with idiots everyday...

Most of that's here is my life and my writing, my rants and my declarations of other people's idiocy, my music and anything else I feel the need to put here.

I have two friends, Katy, my beta, and Hannah(AKA Wilson) my editor...

If you wish to friend me, go ahead and do so, but post in my most recent entry telling me the reason or I'll go over to your journal and ask you why you friended me...

So, go on and take flight...

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