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I go into town today to grab something for my stepdad, right? Something to do with pressure washer hoses and whatnot, stuff I couldn't really care less about. Well, I go to get my cell phone out of my purse to call him for clarification, and it's nearly dead, but I do find out that there's a voicemail on it. Great, I figured it would be my mom overreacting to something or whatever.

I was wrong.

"Hello this is Washington State University Honors College..."


Apparently I had to let them know separately that I was accepting their offer by...yesterday.

I'm screwed. Just pretty much screwed. The school is competitive to say the least, and I screwed my chances, just because I never check my cell phone.

More stupidity on my part: No, it doesn't end there, I call them back, even though they're closed today, and tell them I'm returning a message...then I give them my cell number AGAIN.

I'm an idiot. Pure and simple. I also gave them my home number, but seriously, I won't know if they call me back until about a week after they leave the bloody message!

...damn it...

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