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Seriously... Just because Senioritis has made me not want to do anything doesn't mean I can leave this place hanging for over a year. Geez...

This is weird, coming back to LJ and finding fandoms have gone on to newer and better things, while I, on the other hand, have almost completely fallen out of the House fandom...grr...I'm still going to go and pretend seasons 4 and 5 do not exist. It's not the same without Chase and Cameron and Foreman all in one place at any given time...

I'm playing KH 2 at the current moment...and I guess that's that. I promise I'll be back with a little more of a clear update sooner than a year...hahaha


The Facts

Who am I?

I am Kara, compulsive writer with chronic writer's block, musician who suffers from constant dealing with amateurs, student who has to deal with idiots everyday...

Most of that's here is my life and my writing, my rants and my declarations of other people's idiocy, my music and anything else I feel the need to put here.

I have two friends, Katy, my beta, and Hannah(AKA Wilson) my editor...

If you wish to friend me, go ahead and do so, but post in my most recent entry telling me the reason or I'll go over to your journal and ask you why you friended me...

So, go on and take flight...

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