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MASSIVE MEME POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For absolutely no reason... We have the massive meme post. Knicked these from all over the place.

What kind of villian would you be?
LJ Username
Favorite color
Do you root for good, or for awesome?
Your trusted second in command
Your arch nemesis, aka;
Evil appearance In long, flowing robes, you are both intimidating and damn good looking.
What you;ve done so far Years have been spent rampaging, striking fear into the hearts of many! You kill, destroy, and smash as you please.
Your evil powers/skills No man has ever bested you with a blade.
Chances of taking over/destroying world - 17%
This QuickKwiz by tea_chan - Taken 97065 Times.
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Exactly what I thought, peoples.

Stargate Character Associations
School Level
Favorite Color
Agression Meter - 28%
Intelligence Meter - 60%
Humor Meter - 60%
Character you are associated with Daniel
Weapon(s) of choice M16
This quiz by chuzer - Taken 296 Times.
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Which Stargate guy matches you best?
Jack O'Neill - 93%
John Sheppard - 57%
Daniel Jackson - 93%
Carson Beckett - 70%
Rodney McKay - 1%
Cameron Mitchell - 61%
This QuickKwiz by radishmatriarch - Taken 116 Times.
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My Stargate Romance
Weapon of Choice
You will be wooed by Daniel Jackson
You will be married by General Hammond
Got drunk at the reception Daniel Jackson
You will honeymoon at Abydos
You will have wild fling with Jonas Quinn
Chance you'll get caught - 55%
This quiz by AmyMcCabe - Taken 1033 Times.
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Hahahahahahaha!!!! Very funny...

My System Lord Quiz
LJ Username
You are the god or goddess of
You are known for having a sexy lotar
Your lotar is ardenta4477
Your first Prime is topaz_eyes
You are allied with System Lord diysheep
Against the army of elicia8
You are after SG-1 because you want Daniel as your lotar
This QuickKwiz by AmyMcCabe - Taken 1095 Times.
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Hello there Katy... :D


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I have two friends, Katy, my beta, and Hannah(AKA Wilson) my editor...

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