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I feel tired, but I couldn't go back to sleep if I tried...

Well, since it's nearly summer, the sun is rising earlier, and I'd be hard-pressed to find some proper darkness after 7 am. Grrr...

Well, I was a late arrival last night for house_las, but xheartrockx said it didn't matter as long as I got it in before she posted the polls, so I'm relieved.

Okay, let's begin with the parade. Forrest Festival. Shelton. Those two sentences spell out all KINDS of trouble for the school that has an eternal rivalry with Shelton HS (especially since the teacher who taught music before EDD moved there...).

I think we did well. The front rank (get this) ACTUALLY WAS ABLE TO TURN PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!!! *le GASP!!!* I think my only problem with the front rank was one of the freshman trumpets putting in his idiot solo... That and the fact I was wearing white shoes...(dumb story behind this)

After the parade, I was trying to find a ride (because I really didn't feel like getting a ride w/mom and because she had been in town all day). Well, after asking everyone I knew were reliable for rides if they were riding the bus home (they weren't), I found Hannah's mom and asked her. Hannah's siblings were also in the parade, and they were a HUGE band.

After Shelton (in which I have no idea whether or not we won), we had lunch at DQ, and then we picked up Hannah and we went to the lake... Consulted over LAS fic, and then I went home and typed it up. She edited, and I sent it in with practically NO time left.

I also started a three-way poke war on Facebook. I WILL WIN! EVERYONE ELSE WILL LOSE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!



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