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Today was unbelievable...

Shall we start this rational explanation with a certain conversation last night?

Yeah, Hannah called me. Blah, blah, blah, usual stuff, and then she drops the Jordan bomb. So she's decided to set this thing in motion, trying to get him to confront me because she knows it'll be impossible for me to do it alone.

Well, going into it this morning, I knew that. So I stayed FAR AWAY from her until she came to me. Said she told, and to expect something to happen.

Namely, it didn't.

Unless it was happening when I wasn't looking, nothing different was happening at all. We went out marching, and I got annoyed at the fact that the front line trumpets STILL can't turn correctly to save their pitiful lives.

I go into the band room, nervous as hell. I know it's going to have to happen, and if he wasn't going to confront me about it, I had to go to him.

So that's how he finds me practically hyperventilating in the instrument closet.

He asks if anything's wrong, I tell him nothing. He starts to leave, and I'm battling with myself. But it had to come out eventually, and I already called his name. So it had to happen now.

I'm practically dying of embarassment, but it gets out eventually. Mostly instinct, but I remember most of it. He acknowledges it like I kind of thought he would, making the obvious point that he's graduating this year. At least I finally got it off my chest. I don't have so much pressure built up anymore.

Tonight was Bye Bye Birdie for the second time! It was so funny. I loved it!

However, now I need to get cracking. I still have my LAS to finish up. The parade tomorrow isn't going to help, and this is going to be tight. I will try as hard as I can, but the end of the year is not helping me at all...

I'm tired, and I have to get up quite early tomorrow. Farewell...
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