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Fic: Life Rose (Original)

Title: Life Rose
Rating: PG
Characters: Kara Kartroni, Cristal and Keith Sullivan
Universe: Starshadow Chronicles
Summary: Takes place early on when Kara is just getting to know everyone. Keith's got a project he's working on, but isn't it only a myth?
Note: Written for 100_situations: Prompt #85, Myth
Claimer: Yes, this is all mine, MINE, I tell you...

Kara learned early on that if you knock on Cristal's front door, no one's going to answer. Her father had died before she could remember, her mother suffering from a debilitating disease that had left her unaware of anything around her. Cristal herself was always in her room, well, technically, not her room, but that's relatively unimportant. Cristal gave Kara a key when they first became friends, telling her these approximate words.

So when Kara made her way to Cristal's house on that Saturday afternoon, she let herself in using the key and grabbed a soda from the fridge before walking down the hall to Cristal's room in the back.

This door she did knock on, though she really didn't expect an answer here either. The only times when Cristal was actually in her room were when she was sleeping or if she had guests over, and even then, it was a longshot. Cristal usually slept with her "baby" when she finally couldn't keep her eyes open anymore, as much as Keith disliked the action.

Kara opened this door, not surprised that she didn't see Cristal or any signs that she had been here within the past two days. She was probably working on some technology project. Kara turned her eyes down to the floor as she entered, looking for the barely-there stain that signified the cut in the carpet. When she found it, she lifted the edge of the neat rectangle, and opened the trapdoor she found there.

Kara stepped down the stairs, watching Cristal typing furiously on her "baby"--the super computer that she had spent seven years building from scratch--and finding Keith in the next room, surrounded by roses of various colors.

"What are you doing, Keith?" she asked, sitting down in the chair beside him. Kara noted the variety of roses in the room, and tried to come up with ideas of what Keith could possibly be doing with them. Considering he had various chemicals on the table near him as well, she didn't have a clue.

"This? It's a project I've been working on for years. I call it the Life Rose," he replied, glancing at Kara for the smallest second before turning back to his work.

"Life Rose?" Kara asked.

"It's only a myth!" Cristal piped up from the other room, as if she had said it to Keith a million times.

"Myth or not, I'm willing to find out, Cris!" Keith replied with the same tone.

"What do you mean, myth?" Kara asked, shifting her position.

"Well, according to legend, my ancestors were able to manipulate the life energies in people, so they were extremely useful as healers. They had created these objects that held a power in them that could cure a specific ailment. One man, my five times great grandfather, was able to create an object, a rose to be specific, that could cure any ailment. He called it the Life Rose," he explained. "I'm not entirely sure if it's true or not, but if most of the legends that have been passed through my people are true, why not this one? I'm willing to try it out."

"Wow... That's interesting," Kara said, thinking it over. Keith was already a talented healer, though he didn't use his direct power often, instead using his knowledge of the body's reactions to create medicines of his own. If this part of the legend were true, the Life Rose is a definite possibility.

"Like I said, it's highly unlikely. That was one of the less-articulated legends within his kind," Cristal said as she entered the room, stretching.

"Roses, unlike the other objects that have been used for this kind of purpose, have a life of their own," he explained, ignoring Cristal. "They weren't inanimate objects that held a specific power, they were a life form that used the power themselves, and circulated it. I'm experimenting with specific rose breeds to see which one was most likely to serve as the host for that power."

"Interesting," Kara said, standing. "TJ said for me to meet him at the archery range, so I have to get going. I just wanted to stop by and say hi."

"Okay, Kara, I'll see you later then," Keith replied, turning back to his work. Cristal caught up with Kara as she started up the stairs.

"I have some information for you, if you can come by later tonight or tomorrow. I found something on the Starshadow that you might want to know," she explained.

"Really?" Kara asked, interested in any information she could get on the sword her brother had left her with when he died seven years ago.

"Yeah. One myth after another, I guess..." Cristal went back to her computer to do some more research and Kara left, wondering why TJ gave in so easily and took his sister to the archery range.

I hope you enjoyed. This bunny came to me this morning...
Tags: cristal, fic, kara, keith, original
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