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You guessed correctly, I've gone and done it. Another challenge. I'm actually starting to get into my claims though, so this will be more fun than anything else. Welcome to my list of things to do, 50originals...

My claim: horror, because it had the coolest prompts... I don't write horror well though...

01 Werewolf 02 Death 03 Blood 04 Slash 05 Terror
06 Escape 07 Bind 08 Victim 09 Knife 10 Rope
11 Burn 12 Scream 13 Vendetta 14 Revenge 15 No Way Out
16 Deception 17 Greed 18 Slow 19 Gun 20 Drown
21 Murder 22 Broken 23 Bleeding 24 Judge 25 Jury
26 Mummy 27 Slayer 28 Bury 29 Secrets 30 Pact
31 Chemical 32 Zombie 33 Vampire 34 Killer 35 Monster
36 Sinners 37 Accident 38 Cover-Up 39 Psychological 40 Dream
41 Nightmare 42 Cult 43 Evil 44 Beginning 45 End
46 Haunting 47 Grudge 48 Hell 49 Dark 50 Psycho

The Facts

Who am I?

I am Kara, compulsive writer with chronic writer's block, musician who suffers from constant dealing with amateurs, student who has to deal with idiots everyday...

Most of that's here is my life and my writing, my rants and my declarations of other people's idiocy, my music and anything else I feel the need to put here.

I have two friends, Katy, my beta, and Hannah(AKA Wilson) my editor...

If you wish to friend me, go ahead and do so, but post in my most recent entry telling me the reason or I'll go over to your journal and ask you why you friended me...

So, go on and take flight...

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