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Fic: Shooting Dreams

Once again, I'm bored. On my birthday, too... Anyway, I figured I should get started on another original table for another community... So here you go.

Title: Shooting Dreams
Rating: PG
Characters: Rachel and TJ Caltra, brief reference to Cristal Sullivan and Kara Kartroni.
Universe: Starshadow Chronicles
Summary: Rachel finds herself in a place she never expected...doing the one thing she's dreamed of doing for ages. A little background on her character.
Prompt: For 100_situations: #71, Aim.
Table: Here.
Notes: This is a work of fiction, everything belongs to me, despite what you may think. I'm tired of writing claimers for every single drabble I do...


Rachel was among the front line of archers adjusting their arrows on the string, making sure the line was even with a swift movement. She looked down the endless line of people, moving in sync with each other, feeling a sense of accomplishment that she was finally here.


Everyone lifted their bows to eye level in the same moment, aiming their arrows to the exact position that the enemy was coming from. They wouldn't be given the order until they were within range, only a little closer to them.

"Fire at will!"

Arrows shot off in a line of projectiles, making their way to the front line of dark beasts and eventually striking them. Rachel hadn't even seen them fall before grabbing her next arrow and shooting it off in a heartbeat.

Rachel knew deep within her mind that this was a dream. The grassy, open plains and the single tower seen in the distance was proof enough. She had dreamed often about this place, making it her second home, second life. In this place, the Trinity Towers, she felt like she and her abilities were actually needed.

Here she fought with the Shadow's army as one of their front bowsmen. Her amazing abilities allowed her to be the youngest of the front line, as well as one of their swiftest speed shooters.

Rachel was able to shoot off a good ten arrows before the beasts were deemed too close for comfort. Unable and quite uncomfortable to fight with a sword in her hands, she backed into the mob of swordmasters, trying to get the distance to use her arrows again.

A few of the beasts then took flight, trying to get above the lines to have the advantage. Rachel strung an arrow and aimed up quickly, shooting down one, then two of the flying beasts before she was hit by one of their projectiles, collapsing to the ground.

"Damn!" she yelled as her eyes opened. Back to the cold reality that she lived every day. Within moments she would hear her brother--

"Rach! Get up! Mom's calling!" TJ yelled through the door, banging on it with enough force to break it.

"Tell her I'll be down in a second!" she called groggily, taking her blankets off of her. Getting dressed, she packed her bag, making sure her bow and arrows were there. Maybe today would be the day TJ actually took her along with him when he went to do whatever it was he did with Cristal and Kara...

Hope you enjoyed!
Tags: cristal, fic, kara, original, rachel, tj
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